Pittsburgh Corning Company (Unibestos)

Aug. 15, 1966
"Unibestos contains amosite asbestos which has thus far not been incriminated as a producer of asbestosis."
Letter from Medical Director of PCC to Bath Iron Works. The statement is patently false. The plant in Tyler, Texas where Unibestos was manufactured was later dismantled and buried after OSHA determined that it was hazardous beyond repair. Unibestos contains between 60 to 90% amosite asbestos, which some researchers believe is the most potent asbestos fiber carcinogen.

Aug. 23, 1967 "The attached article entitled "Mesothelioma and Its Association with Asbestosis" is a good review on mesothelioma and should be distributed to members of the National Insulation Manufacturers Association (NIMA, a trade group of asbestos manufacturers)." The article concludes that ". . . the incidence of mesothelioma is increasing as is the incidence of asbestosis. . . . " Letter from Medical Director of PCC to NIMA.