Grand Prix of Cycling: 23 Days until Race Day, Sign Up Now

by Roger Worthington, President Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation
April 12, 2012

Roger Worthington

We’re No. 1.

No really. The Dana Point Grand Prix is the top ranked bike race in the country. USA Cycling has advised that in 2011, we attracted the most licensed racers for a single day criterium event.

That’s “all you.” And, on behalf of the City of Dana Point, we thank you.

Are we happy? Yes. Satisfied? No. We can always do better. As my high school football coach used to bellow, “The day you stop getting better, is the day you start getting worse.”

The Dana Point Grand Prix will not coast. We will not rest on our laurels. At the risk of sounding like the Once-ler, that rapacious capitalist creep in “The Lorax,” we do aim to get bigger and bigger.

Bigger fields. More spectators. More kids. More excitement. More action. More primes. More burgers. More beers. More money for the 5th Marine Regiment Support Group and Boys & Girls Club. More love and respect for cancer survivors and their families.

Listen up. It’s trite but true, but we couldn’t have done it without you. Five years ago when we were forced to channel the race course through “dead man’s alley,” you supported us. In 2008 when we hosted the Master State Championships and had to finish the race about 100 feet from a sharp right turn, you courageously supported us.

And when, praise the heavens, we finally moved the start/finish line onto the legendary Pacific Coast Highway, you not only supported us, you made us No. 1. That’s cool. And that’s the power of listening, learning, committing the resources and getting it right.

Am I blowing my horn? Yes. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t be happy working with the West Coast’s finest band of up-tempo bike advocates—champions like Councilman Steven Weinberg, Brad Fowler, Cyndi Elders, Kozo Shimano, Lynn Kelly and Russ Ames. Thank you team. You rock!

Roger with the BfC team

And a big bear hug to Amgen for believing in our little bike race. Amgen gets inundated with proposals for charity events daily. They saw that we had the players, the vibe, and they invested. The Pacific Ocean, the palm trees and the harbor didn’t hurt.

The take-home: Register now. Today. Several fields are already more than 50 percent full. We’re way ahead of last year’s record setting pace. Don’t be that guy at the registration desk whining about getting turned away. We expanded the fields, but our smart guys in the windowless rooms wearing the green shades calculate that we’ll still sell out.

Sign up now and participate in the rocking-est bike concert in the land.

Oh, the Dana Point Grand Prix also sports unofficially the country’s best kid’s races. Last year over 325 kids furiously pedaled the clean streets of Dana Point. So, parents, bring your bikes and your kids and their bikes. We have memories to make.


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